The following are links to a selection of my writings that have been published elsewhere.


Mourners Kaddish After a Mass Murder

A Caregiver’s Prayer

Postponement Prayer – for postponing special events due to COVID-19 or other reasons

Illuminate the World: An Interpretive Sim Shalom – prayer for peace

Who Has Kept Us Alive: Prayer for Receiving the Covid-19 Vaccine

Held in the Brokenness: A Prayer for Forgiveness

Gather Us: An Interpretive Galuyot Prayer

Drawing Near: An Interpretive R’tzei

Prayer before Starting IVF

Heretics in Our Hearts: An Interpretive Birkat HaMinim Prayer

Prayer for Entering Recovery

Hearing in Our Hearts: Hannah’s Prayer

Vidui for God (2021)

Wide as the Water/Mi Chamocha – song co-written with Batya Minsky Diamond

The Voyage Home: A Prayer for Re-Entry after Rehab



History of Loneliness – Parshat B’reishit

History of Languages – Parshat Nocah

Twenty-Five – in memory of Randall Katz

God’s Lament: A Letter to Daughter Zion – for Tisha b’Av

Rituals and Ceremonies

Transgender Renaming Ceremony – Video and Complete Ritual Guide

Water: A Prayer/Mikveh Ritual for an IVF Miscarriage

Ceremony for a Receiving a Bone Marrow Transplant

Ritual for Donating the Organs of Someone Who Has Died

A Mussar Practice for Grief

Mikveh Ritual for Caregivers

Virtual Memory Circles: for those who cannot gather for a funeral or shiva

Shofar’s Cry: Sarah and Hagar Speak – Interpretive Torah drama for Rosh Hashanah

‘In the Torah, name changes signify moments of transformation.’ In the lives of transgender Jews, they are just as powerful – article in the Forward about transgender renaming rituals

Dvrei Torah (more dvrei Torah on this blog!)

Empathy in Exodus – Parshat Shemot

We Will Do: Sinai and Creative Judaism – Shavuot

A Ritual for Light – Chanukah

Articles and Guest Blog Posts

Shelters – HuffPost – about Sukkot and Milton Marks Neuro-Oncology Family Camp

Engagement: Paths to Meaning through Jewish Conversation – eJewishPhilanthropy

Finding Light and Lightness – the story behind my mikveh ritual (and prayer) for caregivers

We Are All Educators – Hillel International

Pluralism, Dissonance, and Jewish Identity Formation – Hillel International

Heroes, Golems, and Identity: A Purim Activity – PJ Library


My writing has also been included in the following anthologies:

Feeding Women of the Talmud, Feeding Ourselves – September 2022, ed. Kenden Alfond
All Who Can Protest June 2022, ed. Rabbi Menachem Creditor
A Year of Torah – October 2021, ed. Rabbi Menachem Creditor
When We Turned Within: Reflections on Covid-19, vol. 2 – October 2020, ed. Rabbi Menachem Creditor and Sarah Tuttle-Singer

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