“You Can Close Your Eyes”

Thanks to Bury Me in New Jersey for interviewing me about Virtual Memory Circles, the “What Have We Lost?” video, and grief in a virtual world. Check out the podcast episode below by scrolling down to “You Can Close Your Eyes.”

On the Road Bury Me In NJ

In our final episode for this season, we speak with Penny Smtih, a hospice nurse who's gained a viral following on TikTok for helping to normalize conversations about death and dying. During our conversation, we talk about what led her to pursue work as a hospice nurse, the ways helps people navigate their death experiences, and what inspired her to share her stories through social media.Produced by Nick Rumaczyk. Theme music: "P to the A," by Anonymous Novels. Season 3 is brought to you in part by Keeper (mykeeper.com), which offers online tribute pages and virtual memorial services.  
  1. On the Road
  2. Memories
  3. Wind Beneath My Wings
  4. Come What May
  5. A Song For Mama

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