“You Can Close Your Eyes”

Thanks to Bury Me in New Jersey for interviewing me about Virtual Memory Circles, the “What Have We Lost?” video, and grief in a virtual world. Check out the podcast episode below by scrolling down to “You Can Close Your Eyes.”

The Ocean Bury Me In NJ

In this episode of the show, we speak with Steve Reiter, founder & president of the NEVER Alone Project. His organization is dedicated to helping pass legislation to change recently implemented visitor restrictions due to COVID-19. This initiative was started after his wife, Elizabeth, died alone in a Colorado hospital. Produced by Nick Rumaczyk. Theme music, "P to the A" by Anonymous Novels. 
  1. The Ocean
  2. Anthem
  3. Bury Me In New Jersey: Season 3 Trailer
  4. The Greatest Love of All
  5. St. Thomas

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